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Going Forward with Hair Services.

As of May 8th, my studio will officially reopen. Here are the new guidelines:

To ensure a safe and healthy interaction:

1. You will need to text or call when you arrive for your appointment. I will let you in. This is to give me proper time in between clients to disinfect, so please refrain from showing up early.

2. Please don't bring anyone with you. ( except for those I double book as a family).

3. Please don't bring anything in with you other than keys, phone and a form of payment. You may bring a water bottle but no food please.

4. I trust you to take your temperature before your appointment. If it's not normal, please reschedule.

5. I trust you won't come in if you have been around anyone ill. Or anyone that was around anyone else that was ill.

6. You will be required to wear a face mask that fits behind your ears. If you have your own please wear it. If not I will have a limited supply available.

7. You will be required to wash your hands with soap and water upon entering my studio.

To ensure a professional interaction:

  1. If you plan on purchasing retail at your appointment, please let me know 2 days in advance so I can accommodate. Products are super limited at our supply stores at the moment and my shelves will not always be fully stocked like they used to.

  2. Some appointments may take longer than usual considering the extra time you’ve had to wait to get in, so be prepared to possibly skip a blow dry style to avoid putting the rest of the day behind.

  3. Last but not least- going forward I will no longer book out further than 4 weeks. The likelihood of this happening again is about 50/50 and less prebooked appointments means less rescheduling in the future. (This is great news for you guys! It won’t be as difficult to get on my books as it has been in the past!)

See you super soon!

Ashley Lantz

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