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Hello Hello! The Blog is back!

Some of you may remember that in the earlier days of my website I had a blog for hair hacks, product knowledge and salon updates. If not- have no worries! The internet is forever, and if you scroll up or down a little bit, you can see all of my previous posts.

Well…For my first post back I wanted to go with all the Info about the MAUVE Plant sale at the end of this month.

Help me home some plants and provide food for St Mary’s Food bank!

Date: Sunday August 28th

Time: 12-4pm

Come shop:

🌱 various indoor plants

🌱 decorative pots

🌱 macrame plant hangers & pods

⚡️ items are limited ⚡️

All plants will be (reasonably) priced by size of nursery pot. However, If you’d like to do an exchange instead of a purchase- simply bring the plant you wish to offer & pick a new one to take home.

All proceeds from plant sales will be matched by MAUVE salon and donated to St Mary’s Food bank. Food & Water donations are also welcome! My salon is a host site for donations between 8/22-8/29 . Feel free to share this info with anyone who would like to be included in the drop off.

I am also putting together something special (You know its definitely a giveaway basket). And theres some gooooood stuff in it. Stay tuned and be sure to follow me on social media @Ashleylantzhair for updates!

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