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Salon Re-Opening Update

You may or may not have tuned into the Governor’s Press release today stating that the stay at home order for AZ has been extended to May 15th 2020. It was also stated that this date is “hopeful”- With this news I have chosen to continue to keep a pause on rescheduling and booking any future appointments. I promise to stay informed and up to date on any changes and will open my books as soon as I know for sure that salons have the green light to move forward. You may have also heard that there is a hefty fine and possible jail time for anyone who disobeys these orders, so on that note I would like to thank you all for not asking me to perform these services illegally. (You are all MVPs lol).

I am still doing contactless drop-off/ pick-up for any retail you may need, toning masks (for my blondes) and root touch up kits for you to cover your regrowth at home (with an instructional video). If you are interested please reach out to me so we can get you set up with what you need.

I miss you all SO much, I’m not lying (even a little bit) when I say I have gone and sat in my salon chair just for the hell of it in the last few weeks. Fingers crossed we can all be back in there soon.

Stay healthy!

Ashley Lantz

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