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New Retail Products Available NOW!!

As some of you know, I have been in the process of fine tuning what I offer for retail over the last few months. I am SUPER excited to announce that I have made my decisions and I am 100% confident you guys will love what I will have on my shelves from now on.

The conversation usually goes as follows:

You: I really need something for ________ what would you recommend?

Me: **lists 7 options**

You: O_O

Me: don't worry! I'll run to the supply store, pick up the best option and text you when I have it set aside!

SO- Instead of sticking to just one haircare line, I figured I would pick my favorites for each category and ALWAYS have them on my shelves. Im really excited about this new approach because not only do I get to have all of my tried and true products in my studio, but they will be readily available for you the day you want them.

Im very proud of the research, time and thought I put into compiling this and Id like to introduce you to my favs.

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO- my new retail lineup:

Shampoo & Conditioners

Color Protection: Amika Vault Color Lock

Smoothing/ Anti Frizz: Amika Velveteen Dream

Blondes: Amika Bust Your Brass

Growth & Maintaining length: Redken Extreme Length System

Chemical damage & Repair: Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery

Volume/ Fine hair: Amika 3D

Curls: Ouidad

Oil/Serum: Design. Me Gloss me (this one actually contains cannabis seed oil and has a TON of amazing benefits for your hair!! I'm obsesssed)

For detangling/Leave in spray:

Amika the Wizard

Biolage All in one Coconut Infusion

For Fragrance (and good vibes): AIIR refresher

For Thermal protection:

Cream (on wet hair): Biolage Blowdry Glotion

Liquid (on dry hair): Biolage Thermal Active Spray

Mask/ Deep Treatment:

Repair: Amika the Kure

Moisture: Amika Soulfood


Pomade: Fatboy Sea Salt Pomade

Mousse: Amika Plus Size

Hairspray: AIIR flexible hold Hairspray

Texture: AIIR texture Aiir

Shine: AIIR Shine Spray

Curls: Ouidad+ gel cream

Keep in mind, just because I am not exclusively Matrix anymore does not mean I can't still get your favorites. I will always make the effort to get you what you need, but who doesnt like to try something new and fun once in awhile?

If you'd like to try a new version of what you have now let me know what you're using, and I'll be happy to send you home with something comparable from this list.

Happy Hair Care!

<3 Ashley

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